Monday, April 15, 2013

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Friday, April 5, 2013

How to promote your self-published book for Kindle

Hi guys, usually I talk about my new book or about the ways writing can help you or a loved one discover themselves and a way to better themselves, but today is different.
I have had a tiny success with my new book "Writing for The Soul" and thought I would share my experience in how you can have a little success with yours.
First off, when you self publish your book immediately sign up for the KDP Select option on Amazon. What this will do for you is unrivaled (besides the exclusive contract you now have with Amazon, don't worry this will end up bettering you), KDP Select will give you 5 free days of promotion. Basically for 5 days out of the 90 day contract, people with Amazon Prime accounts will be able to download your book for free. At first thought yes, it will affect your sales but the potential of this is what makes it so great. When someone downloads your book for free you make a small percentage of sales still but what makes it even better is, whatever other book they may download before or after yours, will match up with your book in the "Books also bought..." section, basically advertising your book for free! So in terms of the KDP Select, do it, my book got over 600 downloads and I can tell you the affects since have been completely positive!
Now that you have the KDP Select contract this is what you want to do; get on sites that promote free books, there are TONS of them but before you list on them pick a two day promotion for a week in advance (if you publish on the 10th, start the two day promotion on the 17th), then go on these sites (listed below) and submit your book. These sites will promote your book, for free, on their site and it works out great for everyone, especially you!
Here are ten sites to use:
There are some of the better sites, so go submit them ASAP

Another thing you definitely want to do is contact book bloggers! Book bloggers are the key to success in promoting your book. Over thousands of people follow these book bloggers daily seeing the latest and greatest book they can get their hands on. The genre of your book does matter, so for finding the book blogger of your dreams, simply search "book bloggers" and go through a list of them, there are a few sites that list bloggers and sites you can find them at.
Promotion is all up to YOU, the author, if you go out on the internet and do what I have listed, I guarntee you will see positive results! Good luck, authors!
PS: Go download or buy my book "Writing for The Soul" on! @

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Anybody want a book??

Writing for The Soul is half off! If you comment below on the post, I will message you a discount code to get the book 50% off! Comment now!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Writing for the Soul

If anyone is looking for a great book to sit down with for only an hour my new book "Writing for The Soul" is the perfect way to relax. It will take you through my story through mental health disorders and show you how writing helped me and how it will help you as well. Whether or not you are dealing with the same struggles. Writing may help you relieve stress from school or even a stressful workday! It's free today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle if anyone is interested!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Writing for The Soul

In my new book "Writing for the Soul: An Autobiography and Guide for the Broken Down",  I talk about my journey through mental illness and how writing propelled me through those trying times. I believe this book is seriously critical to society, to help society become aware of the issues. Being able to use writing as a guide through the journey of mental health is a big deal and science has been proving so. As stated in my book journal writing has helped the likes of Vietnam war veterans. 

Writing is definitely a tool to use while struggling through some trying times and you should definitely by my book to read how I used writing as a tool and how you can use writing for yourself as well! There are numerous exercies to perform within the book that can be used as forms of therapy, hopefully putting you back on track for a healthy life and success. 

Go take at the books page to learn more!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Author Marketing Club

I recently came out with a book called "Writing for The Soul" the book marketing that the Author Marketing Club has done for me is great! They give access to the sites that will market for you for free and the reach they give is awesome! They have truly helped out just in the few days I have been signed up. I truly reccommend them to any other authors!
Just go to and sign up!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Moosey's Adventures: The Way Home

Hey everyone! Just to let you know my children's book is going on its second month out and the sales are looking good but could be better! Anyone who would like to purchase the book go to and place an order on the homepage through PayPal! Help a young author out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Are You Feeling?

Writing everyday is extremely important for the way writing helps your mood. A trick of many and of myself is keeping a daily log of your moods and emotions. The log will help you keep track of what you have done throughout the day, how you've felt and the extremes of your moods. By physically seeing how you are acting, or how others are acting toward you, you come to notice how crazy your moods are becoming and becomes almost like a personal checks and balances system. This checks and balances system will help you immensly, just remember to write everyday, every few hours. Even if the  logs are just short little notes I personally promise it will help.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Story and Writing Helped

I attended school at Saint Bonaventure beginning in 2007 and during my late sophomore year in 2009 I developed depression, it was terrible to say the least. Everyday of my life was a struggle; it was a fight in itself to get myself out of bed and into the classroom. Junior and Senior year brought what seemed like a prized championship-boxing bout, I missed probably a third of the school days, my grades dropped like crazy and I wasn’t myself any longer; I was a shell of the person I used to be. I had days where I didn’t leave my bed, I used the blankets as a cover both physically and psychologically in the way that I used them to hide from the outside world and the problems I faced. Senior year no one would listen to me at all I was trying to scream I needed bigger help than, “You will just feel better if you go to school today” or “Go to school or else you won’t graduate.” One morning my Mother walked into the room where, yet again, I was hiding under the covers. She pulled me out of bed somehow and the morning turned into a screaming match where I screamed, “If you make me go to school then I will just walk off and kill myself, somewhere!”
            I didn’t intend on killing myself but I needed someone to listen to me further than the surface questions. My Mom did listen to me and I went to counseling where I received the help I needed, but I was lucky, I had support from many people including my parents and faculty at Saint Bonaventure. The faculty who helped me at Saint Bonaventure were amazing! They gave me the support I needed outside of my family to succeed in the outside world.
            In my counseling I found writing as a useful tool to positively direct my emotions and issues. It became an everyday habit; I would go through my day, take notes in my mind of what I went through throughout the day, then at the end of the day type out what I felt or what happened, similar to a diary. I created a system that helped me whether it was writing down the happenings of the day or a story idea that developed in my head.  The point is writing can be used as a helpful tool for kids who are having troubles in their life, whether those problems are abuse, depression and related mental illnesses, or any kind of problems the world may hold for the kids.